15 Reasons You’re Not Winning Poker

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Asking The Opinions Of Dozens Of Poker Pros. We’ve Rounded Up 16 Reasons Why You Can’t Win At Poker. Let’s See If You Have One Of Them.

15 Reasons You're Not Winning Poker

1. No Self-Reflection I Believe That Everyone Has Something To Look At Themselves, Observe Themselves, And Analyze What They Have Done Wrong And Right. But May Forget To Look Back On Their Own Poker Game.

Fedor Holz, The Hottest Poker Player At The Moment, Said: “I Think The Fact That Players Never Win At Poker It Was For The Same Reason That They Failed In Other Areas Of Their Lives. Because He Never Reflected On Himself. There Are Many Ways To Be A Successful Player. But Many Players Didn’t Even Know That There Were Such Methods. Because They Cling To The Same Old Ideas That Were Cultivated As Habits As With Everything, If You’re Wrong, Know It’s Wrong. And I’m Sure You Will Improve That.”

2. Narcissism It’s One Of The Reasons Why People Don’t Reflect On Themselves Because They’re Just Fantasizing That They’re Good Enough.

3. Lack Of Honesty Reasons That Make People Go Crazy Because Of A Lack Of Honesty With Oneself

For Example, If You Ask The Players In The Room, “Have You Ever Played Poker?” Everyone Would Probably Answer The Same. But If You Continue To Ask “How Many Percentages Have You Ever Won?” Answers Can Vary And They Will Start Fooling Themselves. Why? And That’s Why They Won’t Win At Poker Games. Because He Is Not Honest With Himself

4. Not Opening Up There Are Many Things That We Do Not Want To Do Because We Do Not Open Up, Such As Not Wanting To Learn New Things.

5. Ego, The Aforementioned Stubbornness They All Come From Having Each Person’s Ego.

Adam “Roothlus” Levy Said: “One Of The Main Things That Prevents People From Winning In Poker. Is To Have Too Many Egos. You Have To Give Up Your Ego If You Want To Win. No One Cares That You Are A Celeb. Or Where Did The Wealth Come From? When You Sit Down At The UFABET Poker Table Don’t Let Those Things Get In The Way Of Your Learning And Development.”

6. Lack Of Discipline. Some People Don’t Know When To Stop Themselves. If They Win, They Will Continue To Play. And If They Lose, They Will Continue To Play Or Doing Things That You Know You Shouldn’t Do Because Of Lack Of Self-Discipline

7. The Conflict Of Horoscopes Have You Ever Thought Of Yourself As The Most Unlucky Player? If You Do, Know That I Too. I Used To Feel That Way And Was Envious Of Other People Who Got Straight, But The Truth Is That It’s Not All About Luck.

EPT Champion Niall Farrell Said: “Most People Think They Are More ‘Unlucky’ Than Others, So They Don’t Think About Their Flaws. So There Is No Development.

Dominik Nitsche, A Professional Poker Player From Germany, Once Said: “I Think The Human Brain Was Not Created To Manipulate The Mind With Games Like Poker. Because It’s Hard To Differentiate Between Good Play And Pure Luck.”

8. Irresponsibility If You Lose And Blame Everything Around You Except Yourself.

9. Lack Of Learning Rupert Elder, The Former EPT Champion Once Said, “I Guess Most Players Don’t Win At Poker Games. It Was Because He Wasn’t Interested In Learning To Play Games. They Just Want To Enjoy The Game.”

10. Learn The Wrong Way Even If You Try To Learn How To Play But It’s Useless If You Learn It Wrong.

11. Math If You Weren’t Playing Based On Math, What Would You Be Based On? Because Poker Is Math If There Is No Math It’s Not Poker And Shows That There Is No Playing Skill Involved (Play According To Mood)

12. Play The Same Size For Every Game, People Who Use One Stack Or Play The Same Way All The Time With Different Tables. Different Competitors Different Situation Often Ineffective As Players Like To Say, There Is No One Size Fits Every Game.

13. Losing Emotional Control You Know, Most Of Your Money Is Lost Because You Lose Control Of Your Emotions. You Have To Be Patient And Control Your Emotions. You Might Be Out Of Luck With The Game Right Now. But You Must Not Be Upset And Waste More Money.

14. Managing Your Money Managing And Having Enough Funds For The Game Reduces The Pressure During The Game. And You Will Play Better

15. Faulty Indicators How Do You Know If You Are Successful? You Can’t Deal With What You Can’t Measure. Some People May Measure By The Money Received. It Means That If You Play Very Badly, But You Have Good Luck, You Will Win Money. Is It A Success? You May Need To Find The Right KPIs Or Metrics To See Your Long-Term Results.