Aaron Ramsey wants to terminate his contract with Juventus for the future

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I want to play! Welsh footballer Aaron Ramsey is in talks with Italian club Juventus. To cancel the contract and go to a new place free of charge Hope to have the opportunity to play as a continuation. Before the 2022 World Cup final

The Daily Mail is a famous British media outlet. News reports on the transfer of the transfer market in the European league that Aaron Ramsey 31-year-old. Welsh midfielder of the “Zebra” Juventus club the Italian Serie A football giants are negotiating. With the agency In order to have his current contract terminated before the market closes.

Aaron Ramsey wants to terminate his contract with Juventus for the future

Aaron Ramsey joined Juventus on a free transfer in mid-2019. After his contract with the English Premier League club Arsenal expired. Tous agreed to pay Ramsey £400,000 a week on wages or about 17.20 million Thai baht. Making him the highest paid player from the UK without bonuses. UFABET team up to 4 years

When Aaron Ramsey joined the Juventus army, but couldn’t step up to take up the main position of the team. and last season in the second leg He was loaned to Rangers, who, after watching his performances at Juventus, made 70 appearances and scored six goals in all competitions.

The report states that Aaron Ramsey will be given the opportunity to play regularly as a starting XI as the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar kicks off in a few months. As a result, he has negotiated with the Juventus board to cancel the remaining one-year contract so that he can move to another team for free.