Big Poker Hands Must Be Suitable For Big Pots.

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Whenever You Flop A Monster You Have To Try To Beat Your Opponent’s Stack. It’s Impossible To Beat Him In Slow-Play. Why Because When You Slow-Play You Usually Only Win A Small Pot.

If Your Goal Is To Stack The Pot In A Pot, It Will Be Very Difficult If You Do It While The Pot Is Small. You Can’t Bet $200 In A $4 Pot, Right? Why Not Try To Gradually Build The Pot Along The Way, The Pot Will Be Big Enough For You To Stack At The Right Time.

From Above Example It’s Really Hard To Put Your Budget Into It When You’ve Already Called In The Last 2 Streets, But If You Switch To A Raise Around The Flop And The Opponent Call Followed By A Top Pair, Top Kicker Or Whatever They Think. If So, The Pot Will Go Much Further. 

Let’s Look At Another Example Of Making A Pot Without Slow Play.

Effective Stacks $200; Blind $1/$2

You Are At The Cut-Off And There Are 6 6♣ Cards

Players From Early Position Bet $6 Others Fold And You Call.

Then Heads-Up And Flop Open To 3♣6♠A♣ Competitor Bets $10.

You You Raise $45 And The Competitors Call

Turn Opens To 10 Competitors Check And Now You Have $102 In Your Pot And Your Stack Is Less Than $150.

You Bet $70 And The Competitor Calls

River Opens To 7 Competitors Check And You Bet $80

Your Opponent Calls And Shows Your Cards A♠K♣ And With Your Set Of Sixes You Win $400 Pot.

As You Can See, Creating Pots Will Make It Easier To Stack Them Into Pots, And When The Pot Is Big Enough, It Can Give Your Opponent Incorrect Odds, Because By The Time The River Turns, He’s Already Down 60% Of The Stack And The Pot Is Effective. At 4-1 For His Call, It Was Difficult To Fold Down.

After Reading This And You’re Probably Wondering, Should Slow Play Be Used At UFABET All?

In That Poker There Is No Technique That Is Always Right For Every Situation. You Have To Apply Techniques To The Situation. Your Image And Trends Of Competitors Before You Decide What Action To Take, We’re Not Saying Don’t Use Slow Play At All, Just Let You Use It.