‘Fab’ pointed out that ‘Mane’ is the most important, hopes to stay ‘Hwan’ but succumbs to frustration

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Liverpool midfielder Fabinho secretly hopes winger Sadio Mane will change his mind. But as a result, the player moved to Bayern Munich as intended to lose important football, but believes that other people can cope with this situation.

Liverpool midfielder Fabinho admits he had hoped Sadio Mane would change his mind at Anfield but was disappointed. which this loss is considered important Because he is one of the best players on the team. But when it happened The rest of the players had to help each other deal with the situation.

'Fab' pointed out that 'Mane' is the most important, hopes to stay 'Hwan' but succumbs to frustration

Senegal international winger Mane moved from Anfield to Bayern Munich for a fee of 35 million pounds, or about 1,538 million baht after scoring 120 goals for the Reds over six years. year As well as leading the team to win the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League successfully, that makes the Samba midfielder believe that the farewell of this star player is a big loss. 

“After the trophy parade at Liverpool , everyone said goodbye to him. We know there’s a good chance he’ll leave. But I always kept hope that he will remain But then everything was confirmed. The loss of Sadio was a huge loss. He is one of our best players. But it’s something we can’t change. We have to deal with this. Now other players have to step up and take more responsibility,” the 28-year-old said. 

Fabinho also said he was trying to convince Sadio to stay at the UFABET club. but thought he had already made up his mind. Everyone has to admit . Sadio has a very good story in a Liverpool shirt. He played six years here and during that time he won everything he could. and he decided Need a new challenge, which is ok

For Liverpool managed to grab Darwin Nunez , the Uruguayan striker. To replace the departure of Mane with an initial cost of up to 75 million euros, or about 2,700 million baht + additional options for 25 million euros, or about 925 million baht by the 23-year-old star player who scored a goal in the pre-season. For Benfica up to 34 goals in 41 games in all competitions. is in the process of adjusting to new teammates at this time