Leeds fans condemn McGinn for putting the 16-year-old on a stretcher

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Online fans have flocked to condemn Aston Villa’s John McGinn for thrusting the 16-year-old Leeds United into a stretcher.

 Archie Gray, 16, was carried off the pitch during a pre-season friendly between Aston Villa and Leeds United. After being tackled by John McGinn by both sides. Premier League meet in Brisbane on Sunday July 17, 2022 as part of their Australia tour. As a result, Villa won 1-0 at the Suncorp Stadium thanks to Danny Ings’  penalty.

Leeds fans condemn McGinn for putting the 16-year-old on a stretcher

          The 40,918 fans who attended the game witnessed the players from both playing intensely at the start of the game. Many players take on heavy tackles that are rarely seen in pre-season games. Tensions peaked when McGinn tackled a rather strong tackle on Gray in the 69th minute, with the Scot intent on snatching the ball in midfield. He beat a few opponents and then hammered the ball to Aaron Ramsey, the brother of Jacob Ramsey, who also plays for Villa. Then Ramsey returned it to McGinn.

           However, the ball was a little too strong. It was then that Leeds’ youngster Gray arrived at about the same time. No player backs up or stops. And when Gray reaches the ball before McGinn He could feel the full power of the 27-year-old’s studs directed to his ankle. This caused him to groan and groan, which certainly angered Leeds fans when he saw the footage. Because Gray had to be carried off the field due to injury.

           Fans’ comments were like, “McGinn deserves a red card for such a bad act, I know what he’s thinking. It is a pre-thought extraction plug. In a friendly game that puts a 16-year-old in the hospital And he is already famous for this. Disgusting”, “Come to think of it, what a 16-year-old has to deal with. Really bad dark arts”, “Gray got the ball. McGinn came late and took the ball by opening the studs. Definitely deserves a red card”, “Hopefully that kid is fine. But how do you get a 16-year-old who still has a lot of physical growth to come on the field with a grown man? This can happen. That’s football.”

          But overall, the interception was a 50-50 rhythm and McGinn didn’t seem to intend to hurt the youngster Gray because he was too close to the ball. After all Football is a clashing sport. And sometimes these things happen. meanwhile You can understand from a cheerleader’s point of view that such a plugging is not necessary at all. Because it’s a pre-season game. Finally McGinn received a yellow card It was reported that Gray was not too seriously injured. Fortunately, his ankle was only sprained as a result of the interception.