Optimal Flow, the ultimate joy in poker.

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When You Are Playing Poker Do You Feel That Time Has Passed Quickly? Feel Able To Control The Situation I Feel That The Game Is Challenging. Or Have You Ever Won And Can’t Remember What Made You Win?

Optimal Flow, the ultimate joy in poker.

If You’ve Ever Felt These Indicates That You Are In Flow Status.

Flow Is A Term Coined By The Famous Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Used To Describe A Mental State Whereas When One Feels A High Level Of Energetic Concentration, It Creates A Feeling Of Great Happiness And Joy. If You Are In The Sport You Are Familiar With The Term “In The Zone”. I Was Listening To Csikszentmihalyi’s Audio Book Titled Flow And Was Surprised Because It Was Related To The UFABET Game Of Poker. He Divided Flow ‘S Feelings  Into Several Aspects. But The Play That I Listen To Is Divided Into 7 Outstanding Points As Follows.

7 Characteristics Of Poker Flow

1. Goal Setting

Csikszentmihalyi Explain That Someone Who Has A Clear Purpose And Understands What Needs To Be Done To Achieve That Goal. More Likely To Be In A Flow State , Having A Clear Goal Is Like Firing A Laser Focus Directly On The Thing And Accomplishing It.

Most Poker Players Aim To Conquer The World Series Of Poker (WSOP), And This Is An Important Goal. Players Who Will Achieve Flow Status In Regard To Goal Setting Each Hand Must Be Played As Best As Possible. Without Thinking About Past Or Future Plays, Focus On The Hand That Is Currently Playing.

2. Listen To The Information Instant Feedback Advice

After You Play Each Hand, You’ll Get Instant Feedback On How Well You Played. Poker Is A Game Of Incomplete Information. You Cannot See What Cards Others Are Holding. But Good Players Tend To Make Their Own Assumptions Based On Their Experience And In Mind What To Do With That Hand. This Step Is Important And Is Often Done Unconsciously.

An Example That Can Be Clearly Seen Is When Players Just Start Playing New Games. Often Imagine And Give Information To Themselves That What Kind Of Players Are Around Us? Better Or Weaker Than Yourself And We Will Start Searching For Information As Soon As We Start Playing The Game. The Brain Goes Into The Process Of Analyzing How The Players Around Us Are.

3. Balancing Ability And Challenge

Let Me Take An Example In A Close Case. For You To Easily Visualize My Male Client Likes To Play Game  Call Of Duty   Very Much And He Always Invites Me To Play. He Gave Me The Equipment And Start Playing A Game Of Killing Me Every Second My Son Looks Very Happy. While I Wasn’t Having Fun And Didn’t Know What I Was Doing. 

Soon, My Son’s Attitude Began To Change. This Game Is Too Easy For Him. And He No Longer Enjoys Winning On One Side. So The Little Boy Tried To Give Me Some Hope. In The End, He Stopped Playing This Game And Advised Me To Play Another Game With Him.

This Is The Case With Poker. In The Process Of Wanting To Participate In A Game Or In A Pot, It Can Be Difficult For Players To Feel The   Flow  If They Think The Game Is Too Easy Or Too Poor For Themselves.

It’s All About Balancing. Let Your Mind And Body Decide At What Level You Feel The Flow . 

4. A Feeling Of Control

Often Our Lives Are Ruined By Feelings Of Fear. I’m Not Talking About Visible Fear. For Example, Someone Who Is Afraid Of A Giant Poisonous Spider When It Comes Close To It Like In A Pair Of Pants. I’m Talking About The Fear Of The Invisible. The Fear Of The Future That Doesn’t Exist Or The Fear Of The Past That Has Passed These Fears Arise From A Perception That Is Out Of Control. We All Seem To Have A Need Or A Feeling That We Have To Be In Control Of Everything. But In The State Of Flow  , The Feeling Of Control Must Disappear. Not Related And It Will Make You Feel Free

A Visual Example Is The Tension That Arises When You Miss A Draw. You Have No Control Over The Cards You Want. When It Is A Random Card If You’re In A Flow State,   You Won’t Panic Because This Is Nature. If You Miss The Card You Want You Can Still Play The Next Hand.

5. Concentrate On What You Are Doing.

Csikszentmihalyi Discover That The Most Frequently Discussed Step Is To Concentrate Only On What You Are Doing. While I’m Writing This Article I Thought About Returning The Luggage I Rented To The Store. I Got A Wheelset Broken And It’s Raining Outside Too. Well, I’m Not In Flow Anymore. If You’re In Flow State, That Means All The Worries And Noises Are Gone. There Was Nothing Else Required At That Moment. No Broken Luggage Wheels, No Rain, No Thinking About The Upcoming Bills. There Is No Place For Anything Irrelevant. Except For The Cards In Your Hand Only.

6. Loss Of Consciousness

That Is Ego (Which Everyone Has) The Sensations And Noise Around You That Create Feelings And Ego In You. If You’re In A Flow State, The Ego Goes Down, There’s Not Enough Room For The Ego And Flow To Occur At The Same Time, Because The Two Are Incompatible. There Are Many Egos That Come Into Play In Poker. The Need To Overcome The Need To Obtain Various Strong Cards. You Just Let It Happen.

7. Change Of Time

I Believe This Is The Flow Most Poker Players Have Experienced. When You Try To Think That You Fold Almost Every Eye Before You Realize It. Time Flies So Fast, Right? Or When You’ve Been Playing Poker For More Than 12 Hours And Remember Where The Time Has Gone? That Is, You Have Enjoyed The Flow State.

You Are Fully Immersed In Playing. Nothing Else You Can Also Make Difficult Decisions More Quickly. The Beep Sound Reminds You That The Decision Timer Is Over In Your Eyes. From Online Poker Can No Longer Bother And Give You Goosebumps. You Are In A Flow State. On The Other Hand, If You Play, Look At The Time And Think The Game Is Long. You Need To Explore Yourself Again. You’re Not Super Happy With The Game And You’re Not In A Flow With It.