Poker Easier to think, easier to play if playing tight 

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Many Poker Beginners Tend To Play Too Many Hands, Despite The Fact That The Best Thing For Newbies To Do Is To Stay Tight And Play A Good Hand. This Way Of Playing Will Make It Easier To Play In The Next Street As Well.

Poker Easier to think, easier to play if playing tight 

Playing Tight Is Fundamental When We Learn To Win Poker. Who Say Play To Win Because Playing In General, Everyone Should Already Be Playing. But Very Few People Know How To Play To Win.

Initially Deciding Whether To Resume Before Opening A Flop Is Not The Same As After A Flop Is Played 1 Or 2 Or Complete, But In The Pre-Flop You Are Free To Decide Whether To Play. If You Play Too Much Pre-Flop Loose, You Will End Up Losing Money Every Time You Start Playing. Which Is Something That Shouldn’t Happen

Therefore, The First Strategy Of Playing Is Imperative That You Play Tight During The Pre-Flop. You Should Focus On Monster Hands Like AA, KK, QQ, And Top-Pair Play Like Pick Cards. That Has A Chance To Be A Top Pair And A Good Kicker, Such As AK, AQ, KQ. You Can Play These Hands Including T-9s, 8-9s.

And Watch Out For Cards Like K-5s That May Seem Good. But It’s Actually A Very Weak Hand. Assuming You’re In A Pair Of 5s, 5 Is Almost Never The Top Of The Flop, And Assuming You’re In A Pair Of K And You Have 5 As A Kicker, It’s Not A Strong Kicker. Well

Don’t Be Fooled By Flush!

You Might Think That All This Could Change. And The UFABET Game Flips When It’s Flushed, But Actually No One Is That Lucky Often, And Getting A Suited Card Only Increases Your Overall Winning Chance By Only 2%, So You Shouldn’t Limp With A Weak Hand Just Because It’s Suited.

Another Good Reason You Should Choose A Good Hand. Because When You Play With Good Hands You’ll Have Confidence And Know Where You Stand. If You Have A Good Pre-Flop Hand, You’ll Also Have A Good Port-Flop Hand. You’ll Feel Like The Game Is Smoother And Decisions Are Easier To Make.

An Example Of An Extreme Tight Start Is When You Choose To Play Only Aces, Kings, Queens And Fold When The Other Cards Are Dealt. It Will Make You Play A Lot Easier. No Need To Sit And Guess And Wait For Cards. Everything Is Just Black And White. Unambiguous But This Is Just An Example To Show You How The Game Really Gets Easier. We Are Not Suggesting That You Only Play A Few Cards. Which Hand You Choose To Play Depends On Your Style.