“Werner” will continue to fight with “Chelsea” in hopes of securing a place in the starting XI

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Don’t give up! Timo Werner reveals he’s still happy “Blue Lion” Ready to fight with the team in the Premier League next with the hope of continually gaining a real position in the team

Team “Lions Navy Blue” Chelsea The famous club in the English Premier League football in the past season. Finished with the top 3 of the table by Timo Werner is another player who in the past has shown a good form is not continuous. After moving from RB Leipzig in mid-2020

"Werner" will continue to fight with "Chelsea" in hopes of securing a place in the starting XI

Timo Werner has joined the team. “Blue Lion” With the expectation that he will help the team score a lot of goals against opponents. But he has only scored 23 goals for the UFABET team in 89 appearances in all competitions. causing some people to see His form may not be suitable for Chelsea.

Recently, Timo Werner has revealed that “To the question of whether I am happy with Chelsea or not, I can say that. I am happy to be with every team. Most importantly, I’m happy when I play and score as many goals as possible. And I should pay more attention to this than anything else.”

As for the chances of playing for Chelsea, Werner said: “The manager has a different mindset for each match. And each game we have to do something different. There were many games that I wasn’t in his plans. So I have to try to improve myself more. In order to compete for a real position in the team which this season must try harder than ever so that he can see that we are the people he wants to use.”