Why should you not slow play in poker

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The Same Purpose Of Playing Poker Is To Win And Get The Most Money. To Use A Variety Of Strategies But Every Player’s Only Goal Is To Win.

A Mistake That Novice Poker Players Often Miss Is Too Much Slow-Playing If You Have A Goal To Win. So How Do You Win If You Keep Checking? Remember That We Have To Make Pots By Betting When We Have Big Hands.

Why should you not slow play in poker

Don’t Let Your Monster Hand Go To Waste Because Of Slow Play.

Let’s Look At An Example To Understand More.

Effective Stacks $200; Blind $1/$2

You Are On The Button And There Are Cards 6♥6♣. 

Player From Early Position Raise $6 And You Call

Flop Opens To 3♣6♠A♣, Competitor Bet $10 And You Call. 

Turn Opens To 10 Competitor Bet $18 And You Call 

River Opens To 7 Competitors Check And You Bet $35

Competitor Calls

You Have A Set Of Sixes And Your Opponent Has A♠K♣, You Win The Pot $138 And You Might Say It’s Good. But You Know, This Isn’t A Good UFABET Game.

If You Flop Big Hang Like Set Then You Should Play For The Stack Because This Is What You’ve Been Waiting For All Day. So Why When The Opportunity Comes And You’re Stuck With A Big Hang And Still Slow Play, That’s A Really Flawed Strategy.