5 foods that people with constipation should eat together empty stomach It’s full of good health.

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Any girl whose body is able to pass fluently every morning This is a good thing and quite enviable. because for some people In addition to not being able to shoot fluently every morning Still have to lapse about 3-7 days before taking pictures as usual. And that undeniably caused constipation. Today we would like to pick up 5 formulas that help drain the stomach. from pairing foods that help relieve constipation for women I have used it when I have such symptoms.

5 foods that people with constipation should eat together empty stomach It's full of good health.

1. Lemon juice with warm water
When you are constipated or unable to pass stools for several days Recommended to squeeze fresh lemon into warm water. Let’s drink together. Guarantee that in a few minutes it will make the girls I definitely want to go to the bathroom. Because lemon has the effect that stimulates intestinal peristalsis which contributes to the matter of excretion And in terms of warm water or plain water, it is an important factor that helps in the matter of excretion.

2. Tamarind with warm water
If anyone has tried the lemon juice recipe with warm water and still doesn’t feel like it works. Suggest a recipe for tamarind with warm water. because this formula has properties as a mild laxative which helps to relieve constipation as well Therefore, anyone who has a problem can’t take pictures. Dissolve tamarind with 1 cup of warm water and drink immediately. Guaranteed to help you take it out for sure.

3. Prunes with fresh milk
Did you know that eating prunes with milk or yogurt It will help stimulate the excretory system as well. Because prunes have properties that help drain the stomach. Therefore, when taken together with milk, it will help digest food better.

4. Banana with fresh milk
Normally, some people will have stomach ache after drinking milk. Therefore, when adding sliced ​​bananas mixed into fresh milk or yogurt. It will drain the stomach better. Because bananas have properties that help in digestion and excretion itself. 

5. Yogurt with lemon juice
This recipe is believed to be a recipe that girls will fall in love with because in addition to being easy to do. It also gives a delicious taste as well. It is also a very popular laxative ยูฟ่าเบท formula. Because yogurt contains good bacteria for the intestines. Lemon has the effect of stimulating excretion, which can cure constipation well.

In addition to the 5 formulas that help relieve constipation as we have shared above. There are other formulas. Many more girls Can be used to drain the stomach during the problem of not being able to pass many more Whether it’s a recipe for chia seeds and water. basil seeds with water Flax Seeds with Yogurt Even eating oatmeal cereal or drinking extra water can also help with constipation.