8 foods people with diabetes should avoid If you don’t want to have severe symptoms

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for patients with diabetes The thing that needs to be very careful is probably not in terms of food. Because some foods have the potential to raise blood sugar levels without knowing it. It is also at risk of complications easily as well. We therefore have compiled 8 types of foods that are prohibited for diabetics, especially to tell each other. If diabetes can be avoided It’s only very good for health. Let’s see what kind of food there is.

8 foods people with diabetes should avoid If you don't want to have severe symptoms

1. All types of sugar
Of course, with the reputation of sugar, it must be full of sweetness. It is usually necessary for diabetics to avoid sugar as much as possible. Especially cane sugar, palm sugar, lump sugar, and honey as well.

2. Drinks containing sugar
All kinds of beverages containing sugar such as tea, instant coffee, soft drinks, green tea, herbal juices, longan juice or even fruit juices. They all contain very high amounts of sugar. This is considered a drink that can harm the health of diabetic patients.

3. sweetened condensed milk or flavored milk
products such as sweetened condensed milk or sweetened flavored milk It is absolutely essential that diabetics avoid it. Because this product has a high sugar content. It also includes soy milk or almond milk with added sugar. Along with yoghurts and sweetened yoghurts should also be avoided.

4. Sweets,
sweets of all kinds. Whether it’s Thai desserts or bakeries. It should be avoided by diabetics greatly. Because this type of food not only provides sugar to the body only. But it also allows carbohydrates that are converted to sugar into the body’s digestion process as well. Therefore risk causing blood sugar to spike until it is shocking.

5. Fruits with high sugar content
Although the fruit will benefit the body. But for those diabetics It is necessary to avoid sweet fruits such as durian, jackfruit, ripe bananas, sapodilla, sweet tamarind, ripe mangoes, longans or custard apples because these types of fruits have a high sugar content.

6. Processed fruit
All kinds of processed fruits have sugar content that has increased several times the original. Therefore, it is considered a food that is strictly forbidden for diabetic patients. Whether it comes in the form of stirred, dried, soaked or canned syrup.

7. Foods that contain fructose
fructose or sorbitol It is an artificial sugar found in chocolate or jam for diabetics. which is sugar derived from fruit and provide nutrients equal to sugar in general But usually diabetics get this kind of sweetness from eating fruit already. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid foods that contain this type of substance. to avoid rising blood sugar levels

8. High fat diet
High-fat foods that are recommended for diabetics to avoid are foods that contain a high percentage of saturated fat, such as animal fat, lean meat, pork belly, fat from beef, shrimp, offal, oysters, butter, creamer, fat from butter, coconut oil. fried and food containing coconut milk Which these foods create a risk for diabetics to develop blood lipids higher than normal people. So if you don’t want to risk complications Should avoid this https://ufabet999.com type of food.

Normally, diabetics should focus on controlling their daily diet well. It is an effective way to reduce the risk of hyperglycemia. It also reduces the likelihood of complications as well.