“Cabbage”, a popular helper for Japanese people who are losing weight.

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Cabbage is the first vegetable that comes to mind when Japanese people want to lose weight. Find out why cabbage is a popular vegetable to eat for weight loss. how to eat cabbage for weight loss and simple techniques To cut the cabbage into shredded beautiful from the Japanese people.

"Cabbage", a popular helper for Japanese people who are losing weight.

Why is cabbage good for weight loss?

1. Low calories, making you feel full quickly.
100 grams of cabbage provides only 23 kilocalories of energy. during weight loss is good UFABET

2. Helps relieve constipation
100 grams of cabbage contains 1.8 grams of dietary fiber, of which 1.4 grams are insoluble fiber. This type of dietary fiber absorbs water to swell up. causing an increase in the amount of stool in the intestines Resulting in stimulating colon motility and helps to excrete wastes through feces well Suitable for those who eat so little that they have constipation problems while losing weight.

3. Prevent swelling
The potassium in cabbage helps remove excess salt from the body. Helps reduce face and body swelling from eating side dishes with high salt content in place of rice during weight control.

How to eat cabbage to help you lose weight effectively

1. Eat cabbage before meals.
Eating cabbage before meals will make you feel full quickly. Help prevent eating other foods. In addition, the high fiber content of cabbage helps to prevent a sudden increase in blood sugar levels. This results in preventing the body from secreting large amounts of the hormone insulin, which leads to the accumulation of fat in the body easily.

2. Eat about 100 grams per day
. Although cabbage is good for weight loss, But eating cabbage alone and not eating any other vegetables can have a negative effect on the nutrient balance in the body. Therefore, it is best to eat about 100 grams of cabbage per day along with vegetables and other foods that are nutritious to the body.

3. Eat a balanced diet each day.
The key to losing weight Is to eat a nutritious diet that is balanced in the right amount. Which consists of rice and carbohydrate foods, side dishes such as meat, fish, eggs and soy products, etc., and side dishes such as vegetables and fruits. If you do not eat rice and side dishes at all, your body will lack energy and lose muscle mass. This will slow down the metabolic system and make it easy to get fat back. Therefore, it is important to lose weight for good results. Is to eat a complete nutritional value along with eating cabbage.

Tips for cutting cabbage into shreds beautifully
The best way to eat cabbage for weight loss is to eat it raw, steamed or boiled, avoiding sautéing it in oil. Japanese people like to eat shredded raw cabbage because cabbage is high in dietary fiber, so it helps to absorb fat from food well. In addition, cabbage is rich in vitamin U, which helps prevent inflammation of the stomach and digestive tract. There is a simple trick for slicing cabbage, which is to wash the cabbage leaves thoroughly. Place to drain. Then overlap and roll. Use a rubber band and use a knife to shred the cabbage easily as shown.

Cabbage is another great food choice for weight loss. However, there are cautions to be taken when eating cabbage for weight loss. That is, you should buy organic cabbage and wash the vegetables thoroughly before eating it.